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MP: Couscous roasted veggie salad

Vai alla versione italiana > Fancy something tasty and versatile for the week but you don’t have enough time to cook? Couscous salad is your answer! It’s quick, easy and absolutely delicious. Ingredients Greens salad (e.g. spinach, rocket, and ruby … Continue reading

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Cardio loves Weights

Vai alla versione italiana > Since I was a child I had this idea in mind that in order to lose weight I needed to dedicate myself to endless hours of cardio sessions. When I was about 23yo I actually … Continue reading

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Macronutrients – how much do you need?

Vai alla versione italiana > Have you ever wondered how your body works? What happens to the food you ingest? Why do you get hungry? Why do you need to eat? Well if you are like me and you often … Continue reading

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Calories per day – Calculate your TDEE

Vai alla versione italiana > I can’t even begin to explain how many research and how many hours I have spent looking for the correct way to calculate my macros. I read articles, blog posts, watched Youtube videos and tutorials, tried … Continue reading

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Meal prepping – what’s the fuss about it?

Go to the Italian version… In the last couple of months, one of my stable activities of the weekend is meal prepping. Many fitness addicts out there will know what I am talking about but surprisingly I’ve often got messages of … Continue reading

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Con le sue casette marroncine e il fiume che scorre lento e silenzioso, Amsterdam é senza dubbio una delle poche città di cui sono innamorata, uno dei pochi posti in cui posso dire con certezza che ci vivrei e potrei … Continue reading

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HIIT workout

Vai alla versione italiana > Morning workout and I am still sleeping.Who read my previous post knows already that I am trying to get back in shape after a very difficult summer. Browsing around and looking for something that could … Continue reading

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How to get back on track.

There are moments of life when you just can’t hold on to you your good habits. Ci sono momenti nella vita in cui semplicemente non si riesce a mantenere le proprie buone abitudini. New relationships, new job, summer holidays, Christmas, … Continue reading

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Ci sono giorni, settimane, mesi, in cui la motivazione sembra abbandonarci. E per motivazione intendo quel sentimento generale di entusiasmo, verso il lavoro, verso lo sport, verso gli amici, verso la vita… There are days, weeks, months, when the motivation … Continue reading

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Snakes & Ladders

Se vi trovate in Galles con un tempo da lupi e pioggia a catinelle non c’é modo migliore di mandare giú l’amaro boccone che intraprendere un’avventura che ricorderete per sempre: Snakes and Ladders. If you are in Wales and it’s … Continue reading

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