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Endo, Meso, Ecto – What morph are you?

Vai alla versione italiana > Ever heard of body types? According to the work of Dr. W.H. Sheldon (1940), humans can be categorized based on their body types. In his research, he identified 3 different body types: Endomorph, Mesomorph, and … Continue reading

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How to survive the first day in the Gym

Vai alla versione italiana > The new year is already started and you have decided that you need to lose weight or maybe gain muscles. Or you have a bit of extra time due to your new schedule at work … Continue reading

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Cardio loves Weights

Vai alla versione italiana > Since I was a child I had this idea in mind that in order to lose weight I needed to dedicate myself to endless hours of cardio sessions. When I was about 23yo I actually … Continue reading

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HIIT workout

Vai alla versione italiana > Morning workout and I am still sleeping.Who read my previous post knows already that I am trying to get back in shape after a very difficult summer. Browsing around and looking for something that could … Continue reading

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How to get back on track.

There are moments of life when you just can’t hold on to you your good habits. Ci sono momenti nella vita in cui semplicemente non si riesce a mantenere le proprie buone abitudini. New relationships, new job, summer holidays, Christmas, … Continue reading

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Snakes & Ladders

Se vi trovate in Galles con un tempo da lupi e pioggia a catinelle non c’é modo migliore di mandare giú l’amaro boccone che intraprendere un’avventura che ricorderete per sempre: Snakes and Ladders. If you are in Wales and it’s … Continue reading

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Vai alla versione italiana > “My brother is going climbing in Germany. Shall we go with him?” Anna’s text woke me up as a wave of cold water during a long hot day of work in June. “Obviously yes!” After … Continue reading

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Climbing affaire

Sabato pomeriggio, sola soletta con il mio zainetto DMM sulle spalle, sono tornata alla mia solita palestra, The Arch Climbing Wall, per una sessione di bouldering indoor. Saturday afternoon, together with my little red DMM backpack, I went to my usual climbing … Continue reading

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Extreme is Better!

Uno dei piú vividi ricordi di quando ero bambina é legato a quelli che io ho sempre chiamato saltarelli, quelli del mare che costavano 5mila Lire per mezz’ora. One of the things of my childhood I remember better are those that I used … Continue reading

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You are the Rock that I want…

Vai alla versione italiana > When I meet climbers in and from other Countries, there is one stable phrase that opens up the conversation, together with a look of compassion: “Oh, you live in England…there isn’t much to climb there, … Continue reading

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