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HIIT workout

Vai alla versione italiana > Morning workout and I am still sleeping.Who read my previous post knows already that I am trying to get back in shape after a very difficult summer. Browsing around and looking for something that could … Continue reading

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Vai alla versione italiana > “My brother is going climbing in Germany. Shall we go with him?” Anna’s text woke me up as a wave of cold water during a long hot day of work in June. “Obviously yes!” After … Continue reading

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5 tips to avoid being lazy during Winter

Vai alla versione italiana > Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like crawling into bed with a hot cup of tea in one hand and a nice book in the other? Even if you are a very active person during the … Continue reading

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Extreme is Better!

Uno dei piú vividi ricordi di quando ero bambina é legato a quelli che io ho sempre chiamato saltarelli, quelli del mare che costavano 5mila Lire per mezz’ora. One of the things of my childhood I remember better are those that I used … Continue reading

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